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Paragraph on Dowry system: Dowry is this system of cash, jewellery, furniture, property, and other valuables, etc. The bride’s family given to the groom’s family during the marriage is known as the dowry system. It has been prevalent in India for centuries. The Dowry system is one of the prevailing evils in society. This human civilization is old, and it is spread in many parts of the world.

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Dowry means giving money and property from the girl’s family to the boy’s family at the time of marriage. The boy’s family demands cash and property from the front, and the girl’s family members have to give money and property according to their demand.

 The dowry system is such a custom that it has kept its hold in India for centuries. Due to the dowry system, many women are physically and mentally abused; sometimes, even the new brides are killed because of dowry.

To stop the evil practice of dowry, the people of the society need to change their thinking; only then can we end this evil.

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Dowry means the property given by the bride’s family to the groom at the time of marriage. The dowry system has a long history in India and other parts of the world. In India, it is known as dowry.

 Long ago, at the time of marriage, the bride’s family used to give money and property to the groom because at that time the girl did not have any right to the property of her father, so at the time of marriage itself, a father gave the right to his daughter. But then gradually it turned into a custom, and now the people on the groom’s side ask for dowry from the front and are forced to give dowry to the girl’s side.

 Due to the dowry system, many women are forced to commit suicide, parents cannot marry their daughter because of being poor, and many married lives are ruined.

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The dowry system allows the giving of vast amounts of cash, jewelry, and other gifts to the groom’s family by the bride’s parents at the time of marriage. This arrangement was put in place in India for a reason.

Until a few decades ago, the girl child had no right over the ancestral property and other immovable properties and was given liquid assets like cash, jewelry, and other goods with her fair share. However, it has turned into a corrupt social system over the years.

 The parents intend to give their daughter a dowry to become self-sufficient in the new place. Unfortunately, in most cases, all cases are taken up by the groom’s family. Also, while earlier it was a voluntary decision of the bride’s parents, it has become an obligation for them these days.

 There have been many cases of brides being physically and emotionally abused for not bringing enough dowry. In many cases, the bride returns to her family to satisfy the demands of her in-laws, while others lay down their lives to end the torture. The time has come that the Government of India should take strict steps to stop this evil practice.

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The dowry system, which involves giving cash to the groom’s family and certain items as gifts to the groom’s family, is primarily condemned by society. However, some argue that it has its advantages and people still don’t, are also following it only because it should keep importance for the brides and benefit them in some ways.

 These days many couples prefer to live independently. It is said that dowry, which primarily consists of cash, furniture, car, and other such property, acts as financial aid for them and helps them settle on a good arrangement. 

 As both the bride and groom have started their career and financially, they are not so healthy that they cannot afford such colossal expenditure together. But is this a valid reason? If so, both the families should invest in settling the bride’s family instead of putting the entire burden on them.

 Also, it should be good if families can offer financial help to the newlyweds without going into debt or lowering their standard of living. Many also argue that girls who do not look good can find a groom by fulfilling the financial demands of the latter.

Unfortunately, girls are seen as a burden, and marrying them as they enter their twenties is their parents’ priority, who are willing to do anything for the same.

 Providing heavy dowry in such cases works, and this evil practice seems to be a boon to those who can buy (bows) for their daughters. However, it is time to change such a mindset.


 Advocates of the dowry system may come up with various unreasonable reasons to support the design, but the fact continues that it does more harm to society as a whole.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Dowry system

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What is the meaning of the dowry system?

Dowry means the property given by the bride’s family to the groom at the time of marriage. Dowry is called Jahez in Urdu. The dowry system has a long history in Europe, India, Africa, and other parts.

When did the dowry system start?

As shown in Figure 1 below, before 1940, dowry was given in only about 40% of marriages. At the same time, between 1940 and 1075, there was a significant increase in the adoption of dowry across India, and by 1975, dowry payments were made in almost 90% of marriages.

Which section is applicable in dowry?

Taking and providing dowry is both a crime. Section 304B (dowry death) and section 498A (cruelty by husband or relatives) have been integrated into the Indian Penal Code.

Write your thoughts on what you can do to stop this evil practice of dowry?

The parents of low-income families cannot get their daughters married because the dowry-greedy persons of the society prefer to match the same girl who brings more dowry. It is the practice of dowry. Our social environment has become such that the prestige of a person here depends only on his economic conditions.


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