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Paragraph on Cricket: Cricket is an outdoor sport between two teams (each consisting of 11 players); the other must play the game under set rules and regulations to win or defeat.

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Paragraph on Cricket for Class 1, 2, 3, and 4

This 100 Words Paragraph on Cricket set is very helpful for Kids or small students.

Cricket is one of the various popular outdoor sports played in India at the national and international levels. 

It is a passionate game of India which is played with bat and ball. There are two cricket teams, each having 11 players. Both teams play it for the very general purpose of getting the maximum score and number of runs.

 The team that gets the more significant score at the end of the match wins. 

There is an action center named the pitch around which the game is played. It is played in ample open space, and a well-maintained area from the wicket is 68–58 m, and the smaller circle of the main playing field is 2.64 m.

Paragraph on Cricket for Class 5, 6, 7, and 8

This 150 Words Paragraph on Cricket set is very helpful for Students and Children.

Cricket is an outdoor sport that almost all children like to play, and they dream of becoming prominent cricketers like Virat and Sachin at an early age. This game is played in a large and open field using bat and ball.

 It is played among two teams in which 11 players are included in each group.

 The batsman uses the bat while batting and tries to score runs in the innings, whereas a member of the opposed team, called a bowler, throws a ball towards a member of the other team, called the batsman. The bowler tries to hit the ball away from the bat to take a wicket so that the ball can hit the wicket.

 A batsman stays his batting until he is thrown out of the game for some fault of his own or for being dismissed by the bowler.

Paragraph on Cricket for Class 9, and 10

This 200 Words Paragraph on Cricket set is very helpful for High School Students.

Cricket is a professional outdoor game played by many countries, especially at the national and global levels. This outdoor game consists of two sides of 11 players each.

 A game of Cricket is played until each team completes 50 overs. All the Cricket laws, rules, and regulations are taken care of and maintained by the International Cricket Council and the Marylebone Cricket Club.

 Cricket is played for Test matches and One Day International and T20.  Cricket was played in southern England during the 16th century. Cricket was then accepted as the national sport of England during the 18th century.

 During the expansion of the British Empire, it started being played abroad as well. The first international match in the 19th century was organized by the ICC (a governing body), consisting of two teams with ten member teams.

Cricket is the most popular and famous sports game played and watched with great enthusiasm in countries like West Indies, England, South Africa, Australia, the Indian subcontinent, and many more.

 Young kids in India are very fond of playing Cricket, and usually, they will quickly find you playing Cricket in small open spaces. People in India also play Cricket in the streets and parks.

Paragraph on Cricket for Class 11, and 12

This 250-300 Words Paragraph on Cricket set is very helpful for Higher Class Students and Competitive Exams.

Cricket is an exciting sport in India and is played in many countries across the world. It is not so popular in the United States but is played as the most lucrative game in India, England, and Australia.  

It is a beautiful game played using bat and ball in an open space in the large field. This is my favorite game. I usually only watch Cricket on TV.

 Whenever there is a national or global cricket competition, two teams have 11 players in each unit in Cricket. One team starts batting first, and the other team bowls according to winning the toss.  

The team which wins the toss bats first, but both the groups can bat alternately. There are many rules in Cricket, and one cannot play Cricket without adequately knowing the laws and regulations.

 It is played well when the field is dry, but there are some problems when the area is wet. A batsman gets a chance to bat till he is out of the game.  

Whenever the match starts, everyone’s enthusiasm is high, and a high pitch sound of people spreads throughout the stadium, especially when the favorite batsman hits a four or a six. Sachin Tendulkar is and will be my famous cricketer. He made a new record in the cricket history of India.

 Whenever he plays his cricket match at the national or international level, I forget to eat anything throughout the day. Cricket is a challenging but straightforward game if practiced regularly. 

 I am very love playing Cricket and playing every evening in the playground near my house. My parents are beneficial and always motivate me to play Cricket.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Cricket

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In how many ways can one get out in Cricket?

But do you know that batters can get out not only because of the bowler’s good ball but also because of their mistake? According to the Laws of Cricket, a batter can be out in about 11 ways, including the behavior and error of the batsman.

When did Cricket start in India?

In 1721, there was news of some British contingents of the East India Company playing at Cambay near Baroda. If this is considered, then this is the very first beginning of playing Cricket in India. And in all the countries around India, the establishment of the game of Cricket was started by the East India Company. Test cricket was started in 1877.

How many types are there in Cricket?

There are many types of Cricket. Like One Day, Test, World Cup, T20, etc. Apart from this, many home matches are also held.

What is the length and breadth of a cricket pitch?

It is 22 yards, has stumps on either side, the pitch is the length between the wickets, and is vast. It is a flat surface with very little grass on it that can subside with play. The “condition” of the pitch influences the match and team strategy, with the current and anticipated condition of the pitch determining the team’s strategy.


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