Paragraph on Computer for Kids & Children 4+ Sets

Paragraph on Computer: The great invention of modern technology is the Computer. It is a standard machine that can store a lot of data in its memory. It works using input (like a keyboard) and output (printer). It is effortless to use, so even a child can work on it. It is very reliable which we can carry with us and use anywhere and anytime.

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Paragraph on Computer for Class 1, 2, 3, and 4

This 100 Words on the Computer set is very helpful for Kids or small students.

Computers are electronic machines that are used for various programs. The person operating the Computer gives the instructions, and this is how the Computer works. A computer is an electronic data processing machine that takes data in one form and delivers it in another.

The Computer receives an input, processes it into an output which is stored in a storage device. 

A computer saves information in its memory and uses it whenever it is needed. The person instructs the Computer in a language that the computer understands.  

The main parts of the PC are a disk drive, keyboard monitor, printer, and a central processor with a scanner. Computers have become an indispensable portion of our lives.

Paragraph on Computer for Class 5, 6, 7, and 8

This 150 Words on the Computer set is very helpful for Students and Children.

Today the Computer has become a vital part of our life. Computers are used daily from our homes to offices.

 It is such a device without which we cannot even imagine because the Computer is becoming a necessity of this modern society. It does even the most significant tasks in a pinch, and it gives us a feeling.

A computer is an electronic device that follows the instructions given by us, collects information, finds it, organizes it, and is an electronic machine that can control other machines.

 A computer makes it easy to do even the most significant tasks, then no matter how big it is to bury the count or make contact with anyone in the world, we can easily do it through the Computer.

 Today Computer has become an essential part of human life because today, we are connected to a computer in some way or another. 

And our work also becomes more accessible with the Computer, and it can easily do even the most extensive tasks.

Paragraph on Computer for Class 9, and 10

This 200 Words on the Computer set is very helpful for High School Students.

A computer is the latest technology which is used in most places. It makes maximum work possible by taking less time. It reduces the man’s labor at the workplace, i.e., less time and less labor force providing a higher output level. 

 In modern times, life without computers is a figment of the imagination. We can use the Internet on the Computer, which provides the necessary information in a short time.

It has a significant contribution to a person’s life because it is now used in every field and is present as our helper every moment. The computers of the old times were less adequate and limited in work whereas modern computers are beneficial, easy to handle and can perform more and more tasks.

 Computers of the future generation will be more effective as functional capacity will also go on increasing. It has made life simpler for all of us. Through this, we can learn anything quickly and improve our skills further. 

 We can get information about any service, product, or other things in a pinch. We can shop anything through the Internet installed on the Computer to get free delivery sitting at home. It also helps a lot in our school projects.

Paragraph on Computer for Class 11, and 12

This 250-300 Words on the Computer set is very helpful for Higher Class Students and Competitive Exams.

It is a unique invention of computer science. It is a machine, and its design has revolutionized the country. Charles Babes made the first Computer in 1822. A computer has simplified the work of man and has also given speed. The Computer has made the computation a matter of a few seconds.

With the help of a computer, we can book railway and plane tickets. We can keep all our data, photos, videos, etc., on the Computer. In today’s time, the work of all accounts, etc., is done from the Computer itself.

Bills for electricity, water, etc., have been linked to the laptop to curtail corruption. The stock market cannot run without a computer. Due to this many people have got employment. It is a choice of the human mind.

 In today’s time computers are found not only in offices but in every street, every house. Children use them for their work and entertainment. Animation movies are made on the Computer itself.

 A computer is also a medium of communication. The Internet also got a boost because of the Computer, which connects all the computers. Due to the Computer, there can be no tampering in the data. The nation is developing rapidly with the use of computers. The speed of the laptop is breakneck. It can calculate up to 38 trillion in a second.  

We should use more and more computers and learn to make new designs. Whenever you run the Computer, you will learn something new. We should not stay on the Computer for a long time because it causes health problems. Using the Computer in the right way gives you success and knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Computer

Here are some questions related to computers, that people searched on Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

What is a Computer?

The Computer is such an electronic device that processes the data inputted by the user and provides information. As a result, a computer is an electronic machine that understands the instructions given by the user. It can store, retrieve and process data.

What are the computer Features of a computer?

The Computer is a high-speed working machine. A computer can do as much work in a few seconds as a man can do after working continuously for a whole year. In other words, a computer can do as much work in a minute as it can take an entire life for a single person to do.

Where is the Computer used?

Due to the use of computers, office work has started happening faster. You can create and maintain records of your employees, production, sales details, stock, etc., by Computer. That’s why computers are used in offices.

What is the use of computers in the field of health?

It is an interdisciplinary field that uses health information technology to make healthcare more quality and more efficient (less expensive and more available). Medical informatics includes information science, computer science, social science, management science, etc.


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