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Paragraph on Christmas: Christmas is a festival dedicated to the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ or Jesus. It falls on December 25, and this day is a holiday almost all over the world. Christmas also marks the beginning of Christmastide, a 12-day festival. The modern Christmas holidays include giving each other presents, church ceremonies, and various decorations.

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Paragraph on Christmas for Class 1, 2, 3, and 4

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Christmas Day is the most significant festival of Christians, which is celebrated with great fanfare all over the world. Mainly it is celebrated with full enthusiasm in the American continent and Europe. The whole family gathers on this day.

 The Christmas tree is adorned with colorful lights and flowers; where the whole family revolves around? In the end, the cake cutting is done, and this festival is completed with pomp.

 Due to holidays these days, the family goes to nearby malls and restaurants to spend the whole day happily. This celebration lasts till January 1.

Paragraph on Christmas for Class 5, 6, 7, and 8

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Christmas is a famous festival of Christians. It is celebrated each year on December 25 with pomp all over the world. The celebration of Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is the most significant and joyous festival of Christians. It is also called ‘Big Day.

 The preparations for the Christmas festivities start in advance. 

Houses are cleaned on Christmas day, and Christians decorate their houses well. New clothes are bought. Christians prepare a variety of dishes on Christmas Day. The brightness of the markets increases. Homes and markets are lit up with colorful lights.

Specific prayers are held in the churches on Christmas Day, and tableaux of the Lord Jesus Christ are presented at various places. On this day, a Christmas tree is planted in the courtyard of the house.

Cake has a special significance in the Christmas festival. On this day people congratulate each other on the celebration by feeding cakes. Taking the form of Santa Claus, the person distributes toffees-gifts, etc., to the children.

Paragraph on Christmas for Class 9, and 10

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The Christmas day of the year is celebrated on December 25 in the memory of Jesus Christ, the God of Christians. Those who had crucified themselves laughingly for the protection of the religion of humanity.

 Which Christians celebrate like a festival that involves the reconciliation of families? After all, this was the last message of Lord Jesus Christ.

 Due to this the people of the whole family together clean the houses on this day, decorate them with colorful lights and flowers.

 Then they go to a nearby mall, where they buy fir or noble fir trees. If it is not found, they believe the artificial tree.

 Then it is placed in the hall of the house, where there is the most open space. Then the older family members get together and decorate with flowers, Christmas ornaments, and plants. On the same evening, the Christmas tree looks colorful, with modern LED lights and skirting installed on it.

 Then in the evening, the whole Christmas gathers around the tree, and together they celebrate this holy festival. During which they praise Christmas prayers and songs. This one-day festival is celebrated till January 1.

Paragraph on Christmas for Class 11, and 12

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The celebration of Christmas is celebrated with great pomp all over the world. It is the main festival of the people of Christianity, and it is said that on this day, Jesus Christ or Jesus Christ was born. The celebration of Christmas is celebrated every year on December 25.

Preparations for Christmas are started about 15 days in advance. People buy new clothes, decorate homes and churches. On this day, special prayers are organized in churches, and people of other religions also go there and light candles.

Christmas trees are planted in the courtyard of the houses, which look very beautiful. Christmas is incomplete without cake, and cake is cut on this day. People start wishing each other Christmas as soon as midnight on the night of December 24 and also send greeting cards to their friends and relatives on Christmas. 

 Special programs are also organized in schools on the festival of Christmas, in which the birth of Jesus Christ is shown, and it is said that he was the messenger of God who infused love and peace among the people.

On this day, Santa Claus comes from heaven and goes to the children by giving their favourite gifts. On this day, many people take the form of Santa Claus and distribute gifts to children and fill their lives with happiness. Christmas cannot be imagined without Santa Claus.

Christmas day is a massive day for the people of Christianity; hence it is also known as the big day. It is believed that from the day of Christmas, the cold increases. This is the only festival on which there is a holiday in the whole world. The celebration of Christmas brings a lot of happiness and teaches us the lessons of love and humanity.  

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Frequently Asked Questions on Christmas

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Why do we Celebrate Christmas Day?

Christmas is celebrated to honour the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. Jesus Christ, i.e., Jesus Christ is considered to be the child of God. Christmas was also named after him. the day started increasing from December 25, so there was a belief among Christians that the sun is reborn on this day.

What is done on Christmas Day?

According to Christian religious belief, Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day. The people of the Christian society commemorate Christmas with great pomp. Gifts are exchanged on this day. Christmas trees are decorated in homes.

Where is Christmas celebrated in the Summer Season?

Yes, you heard it true; there is a country on the world map where Christmas is celebrated in the summer season. This country is none other than Australia. Australia’s Christmas (Christmas Day 2019) is different. Now, if you think that Christmas is celebrated here in May-June,

What is the significance of the Christmas tree?

The Christmas tree has unique importance on the occasion of Christmas. These people considered the garlands and flowers of this evergreen tree as a symbol of the continuity of life. They believed that decorating these plants in the house keeps evil spirits away. The modern Christmas tree originated in West Germany.


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