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10 Lines on Sachin Tendulkar: Whenever we think about cricket players, the first name that strikes our mind is Sachin Tendulkar; he is known as the God of cricket. Sachin Tendulkar is one of the best players in an Indian cricket team, and he is known for his best achievements and gratitude for an Indian cricket team. 

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10 Lines on Sachin Tendulkar for Class 1, 2, 3, and 4

This 100 Words on Sachin Tendulkar set is very helpful for Kids or small students.

  1. Sachin Tendulkar is an Indian cricket player.
  2. The full name of Sachin Tendulkar is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.
  3. He is the best batsman in India.
  4. He was born on 24 April 1973.
  5. Mr. Tendulkar is an excellent ideal for cricketers of India.
  6. He has made a record of hundred centuries in his career.
  7. Sachin is the best cricketer, and he is famous all over the world.
  8. He is the first cricketer to be awarded the Khel Ratna Award.
  9. Sachin Tendulkar’s father’s name is Ramesh Tendulkar.
  10. Sachin has received many prestigious awards in his career.

10 Lines about Sachin Tendulkar for Class 5, 6, 7, and 8

This 120 Words on Sachin Tendulkar set is very helpful for Students and Children.

  1. Sachin Tendulkar was born on 24 April 1973 in Marathi Brahman and his family.
  2. He is the first Indian cricketer to play Khel Ratna Puraskar.
  3. The cricket career of Sachin Tendulkar is the best inspiration for all Younger and upcoming players.
  4. He is also a member of the Rajya Sabha or State Council.
  5. He is the first player who Bharat Ratna has been awarded Bharat Ratna at a minimal age.
  6. Sachin got the Arjuna award in 1994.
  7. Sachin Tendulkar is also known as the God of cricket, and he is the best batsman on the Indian cricket team.
  8. The fans of Sachin Tendulkar call him by many names, and one of the famous names of Sachin Tendulkar is Master blaster.
  9. Sachin Tendulkar is the only cricketer who has made hundred centuries in his cricket career.
  10. He is also known as Little Master.

10 Lines on Sachin Tendulkar for Class 9, and 10

This 150 Words on Sachin Tendulkar set is very helpful for High School Students.

  1. Sachin Tendulkar is one of the most successful cricketers of India.
  2. He is also known as the God of cricket and Master blaster due to his achievements in his Indian cricket career.
  3. He joins cricket at the very young age of 11 years.
  4. He was India’s first youngest cricket player who joined Indian test cricket at 16 years.
  5. Tendulkar became The first cricketer to score 35 centuries in test play.
  6. He is married to Anjali Tendulkar and has two kids Sara and Arjun.
  7. Sachin got many awards, including India’s most prestigious award, Bharat Ratna.
  8. In 1996, Tendulkar became the Indian cricket team captain.
  9. Sachin Tendulkar has made a record that no other cricketer has made or broken for a hundred centuries.
  10. He retired on 16 November 2013 from his Indian cricket career.

10 Lines about Sachin Tendulkar for Class 11, and 12

This 200 Words on Sachin Tendulkar set is very helpful for Higher Class Students and Competitive Exams.

  1. Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest players on the Indian cricket team who is known for his most significant achievements and best batting skills.
  2. He was born on 24 April 1973 in Maharashtra, Mumbai.
  3. The favorite game of Sachin Tendulkar was tennis, and his favorite player was John McEnroe.
  4. In 1984, Sachin Tendulkar joined cricket, and his coach was Ramakant Achrekar, who used to guide him.
  5. His life was full of ups and downs, where his brother supported him in playing cricket.
  6. On 15 November 1989, Sachin Tendulkar won a test cricket match by making 15 runs against Pakistan.
  7. Sachin Tendulkar was awarded the Bharat Ratna on 16 November 2013.
  8. He debuted himself in his cricket career by making centuries in Ranji, Devkar, and Duleep Trophy matches.
  9. He retired on 16 November 2013, and it was the day when Sachin Tendulkar was no longer a player of an Indian cricket team.
  10. Sachin Tendulkar has also done captaincy in the Indian cricket team and was awarded by the best captain.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Sachin Tendulkar

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Who said Sachin is the God of cricket?

Indian pacer Sreesanth said Sachin Tendulkar is the real God of cricket due to his excellent spirit and batting skills.

Is Sachin Tendulkar a billionaire?

The God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar is one of the richest cricketers in the world in 2020, and his net worth is $170 million..


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