10 Lines on Cleanliness for Kids & Children 4+ Sets

10 Lines on Cleanliness: Cleanliness is an essential part of life. Developed society can be traced to Cleanliness. One should always be clean. A clean body is considered the abode of a pure soul in The same way cleanliness shows how developed the society is.

The father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi has made us understand the importance of Cleanliness and why Cleanliness is essential for human beings.

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10 Lines on Cleanliness for Class 1, 2, 3, and 4

This 100 Words on Cleanliness set is very helpful for Kids or small students.

  1. Cleanliness plays a vital role in human life.
  2. Gandhiji said this is the spirit of service.
  3. Only clean people can lay the foundation of a clean society.
  4. People must keep their homes and surroundings clean.
  5. We can stay away from many diseases if we live clean.
  6. The main motive of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is also to make a clean India.
  7. Cleanliness is essential for both people and society.
  8. Clean things always look more attractive than others, so we should make everything clean.
  9. Gandhiji has done many campaigns for Cleanliness.
  10. We must start the Cleanliness from our home.

10 Lines about Cleanliness for Class 5, 6, 7, and 8

This 120 Words on Cleanliness set is very helpful for Students and Children.

  1. We should never underestimate Cleanliness, an essential part of life like water and air.
  2. The primary meaning of Cleanliness is to keep our home and surroundings neat and clean.
  3. The best example of Cleanliness was Mahatma Gandhi, whose dream was to make India a clean and disease-free country.
  4. For Cleanliness, our prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, launched Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan on 2 October 2014, whose motive is to make India a clean country.
  5. Ireland is the cleanest country in the world.
  6. India has been ranked 98 for the clean country.
  7. Cleanliness is one of the best good habits which should be in every People of world.
  8. India has been clouded in the world of cleanliness conscious countries.
  9. Cleanliness has been emphasised because it reduces the risk of being ill. After all, germs cannot develop themselves without dirt.
  10. As responsible people, it’s our primary duty to keep our home and offices and surroundings neat and clean.

10 Lines on Cleanliness for Class 9, and 10

This 150 Words on Cleanliness set is very helpful for High School Students.

  1. You must have heard saying that there is cleanness, there comes happiness, and where there is dirt, there is no happiness.
  2. A person creates a new identity in society and a clean environment by keeping Cleanliness and Cleanliness.
  3. Keep the drains around your house clean, and do not allow garbage to accumulate in them.
  4. If you keep the place around your house as clean as your house, you will keep the country and your village clean.
  5. If you don’t keep your house clean, germs of many diseases will start growing in your home, due to which you will be suffering from some illnesses all the time.
  6. Cleanliness plays a vital role in a healthy and peaceful life.
  7. As water and air are essential things for human life, Cleanliness is also as important.
  8. Cleanliness can be done by clearing roads, cleaning the environment, cleaning yourself, etc.
  9. We should Take a bath every day and keep our clothes clean and tidy every day.
  10. We should keep our rooms also clean and tidy.

10 Lines about Cleanliness for Class 11, and 12

This 200 Words on Cleanliness set is very helpful for Higher Class Students and Competitive Exams.

  1. We all should make a habit to keep our home and surroundings clean and clear to make them more attractive.
  2. If we keep our house clean, then our house looks neat and beautiful.
  3. Diseases do not develop due to the absence of dirt in the house, which keeps your family away from disease.
  4. There are many gadgets available in the market with the help of which you can easily clean your home and maintain the Cleanliness of your house.
  5. Gandhiji paid particular attention to Cleanliness and conducted many campaigns for Cleanliness.
  6. Due to lack of Cleanliness in the house, there are some life-threatening diseases for which medical treatment and medicines cost a lot.
  7. The garbage we throw out is eaten by animals which contain things like plastic and due to these animals die.
  8. If you don’t keep your clean house, people will not feel good in your home and spoil your image.
  9. Always maintain Cleanliness around your surroundings and make other people understand the importance of Cleanliness.
  10. Just as the need of men is bread, clothes and house in the same way Cleanliness are also essential in man’s life.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Cleanliness

Here are some questions related to Cleanliness , that people searched on Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

What is the importance of Cleanliness?

The importance of Cleanliness in our lives cannot be denied. Maintaining a good and clean environment is necessary for all humans health.

What is Cleanliness in simple words?

In simple words, we can say that Cleanliness means keeping our house, school, office, surroundings neat and clean so that we care to make a disease-free environment.

Some better word of Cleanliness?

Some other words which you can use on the place of Cleanliness are – tidiness clean, cleanness, immaculateness, neatness, purity, trimness, dapperness.


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