10 Lines on Butterfly for Kids & Children 4+ Sets

10 Lines on Butterfly: Butterflies are a large group of insects belonging to Lepidoptera, which means ‘winged.’ They are characterized by large and often colored wings and the body with which they suck flowers. Like any other line, they have six pairs of legs, three bodies, a couple of antennas, eye contact, and support. The three parts of the body are the head, chest (chest), and abdomen (tip of the tail).

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10 Lines on Butterfly for Class 1, 2, 3, and 4

This 100 Words on Butterfly set is very helpful for Kids or small students.

  1. The butterfly is one of the most beautiful winged insects.
  2. They have six connectors, three bodies, and two antennas.
  3. The head, chest, and tail (abdomen) are in three sections.
  4. Butterflies have hairs on the body, which are not easily visible to the naked eye.
  5. Many species of butterflies have wings of different colors.
  6. Butterflies live on eggs after being evolved from Caterpillar.
  7. They suck the juice from the rings.
  8. Fifteen thousand species of butterflies can be found in India.
  9. Their body temperature usually ranges between 29 ° C.
  10. Everyone loves to see butterflies.

10 Lines about Butterfly for Class 5, 6, 7, and 8

This 120 Words on Butterfly set is very helpful for Students and Children.

  1. The butterfly is colorful and visible in every row and row.
  2. During the day we can easily see it in gardens and forests.
  3. Butterflies are found everywhere except the Antarctic continent. The temperature was too low to survive.
  4. You can see millions of different species of butterflies. Some species are only found in some regions.
  5. These are usually cold-blooded animals.
  6. Butterflies fly at a speed of 10 to 22 km per hour.
  7. The giant butterfly in the world is the bird’s wing.
  8. Butterflies sit on flowers and suck grapes.
  9. Chatter is another name for a group of butterflies.
  10. Female butterflies usually lay their eggs at the base of the leaves.

10 Lines on Butterfly for Class 9, and 10

This 150 Words on Butterfly set is very helpful for High School Students.

  1. Butterflies are lovely and cute with their wings.
  2. We can observe wings of different colors and patterns.
  3. A butterfly usually consists of 6 short legs and two antennas.
  4. Butterflies have three bodies, usually the head, the middle body, and the tail. The wings, body, and legs are covered with insect-like lines from the dust and the animal.
  5. The butterfly is a sign of Culture and Religion.
  6. A butterfly is one of the most commonly used terms in poetry.
  7. Sitting by the beautiful flowers in the middle of the garden and watching the butterfly is very interesting and relaxing for the mind.
  8. Flower nectar is their food.
  9. Butterflies are considered an important part of various life and health systems because they contribute to flowering.
  10. Everyone loves the beauty of the butterfly.

10 Lines about Butterfly for Class 11, and 12

This 200 Words on Butterfly set is very helpful for Higher Class Students and Competitive Exams.

  1. Butterflies are winged worms and are very beautiful to the eye.
  2. Different butterflies have wings of different colors and patterns. Butterflies have two different colors: regular (or colored) and irregular (brown color). 
  3. The butterfly has two pairs of legs and two antennas. The body of a butterfly is divided into three main parts, namely the head, chest, and abdomen. Each piece of the body plays a very different role, and the butterfly needs everything to survive.
  4. A butterfly has three parts: the head, the middle body, and the tail.
  5. In Urdu, a butterfly can be called a Parnawa, and in Hindi, a Title. 
  6. Butterflies have a beautiful and glorious place in poetry.
  7. People like to see butterflies flying on flowers.
  8. They feed on sweet flowers and drink nectar from plants, after which pollen is spread throughout the garden.
  9. Butterflies help pollen. They help flowers bloom and plants grow, Butterflies play an essential role in the growth of nature, and without them, this process is incomplete.
  10. They are an important part of our biodiversity.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Butterfly

Here are some questions related to Butterfly, that people searched on Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

How old are butterflies?

Different types of butterflies can vary in life or age, especially at the stage of adult butterflies. However, most butterflies last up to 12 months.

How is a butterfly different from an insect?

The main difference between butterflies and insects is the resting position of their wings. The insect holds its wings together behind its back and has it straight, but the butterfly holds its wings horizontally like a tent.

What is the most beautiful butterfly?

Blue Morpho is one of the most beautiful butterflies in this world.


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